August, 2016, marks the first of (we hope) a series of Ghazal Page issues on a new monthly schedule.  Every other month will be a challenge or themed issue.  Ghazals accepted for publication will be considered for any appropriate issue, including themed issues not yet announced.  The next themed issue, #61 "Time", is already full.  For issue #63, the theme will be "Places"; this issue is now about half full.  Future challenges have not yet been decided and we are open to suggestions.

Submissions will be accepted continuously, but if a ghazal is received after the end of a month it is unlikely to appear in the next month's issue, even if it was intended for a specific challenge issue.  If you want your ghazal to appear in a specific issue, please try to send it by the 15th of the previous month.  Even if received early and accepted, ghazals still may not make the next or intended issue, because the number of ghazals in each issue will be limited to about twenty.  Please send submissions to OR to

A reminder about submissions:  Please send these as plain text (no formatting) or as HTML in order to ensure that the formatting you desire is preserved.  Microsoft Word can save documents in HTML format (i.e. "as web page").  If you paste your ghazal(s) into an email, the formatting may appear okay in the email but is likely to be corrupted when the poem is uploaded to the Ghazal Page.  Also please include a current third-person biography with each submission.  We do not, as of now, keep biographies on file.

Issue 60 contains 21 quality ghazals by twenty poets.  Also included is a highly informative essay on the history of the Ghazal in North America, which will be of interest to anyone wanting to understand how the ghazal came to be realized as a form in English.  Read, write, and enjoy!

The Ghazal Page Staff


Mary Vibbert
How to Talk to Boys

Sandra Anfang
The Bamboo Chime

Robert Ronnow

Susan Kelly-DeWitt
After the Black and White Quilt Show

Alexander Tokarev
Riding at Full Throttle

Shadab Zeest Hashmi
Ghazal: Sign Language

Jeanine Webb
Spring Ghazal

Carol Alena Aronoff
Dreaming Women in Rain

D. Russel Micnhimer
Flames: Ghazal #54

Nilesh Mondal
|| The mailbox that never smiled. ||

William Dennis
Say, Soul

Richard Krawiec

The Calm Ghazal

Lind Grant-Oyeye
Dreams Ghazal

Shabir Ahmad Mir

Shabeeh Haider

Mohammad Zahid
Nemesis, A Ghazal

Eric Torgersen


The Evolution of the North American Ghazal: Orientalism, Revolution & Heresy
Eugene Melino examines the history of the Anglo-American ghazal


The ghazal emerged during Umayyad Caliphate (661-750) (Jalajel), which at its height extended from Spain to India. Given such roots, it had to be a global traveler from the start in that polyglot empire. Centuries later, the... [READ MORE]