Mushtaque Barq

The Kingdom of Heart

My religion is love
My heart a Kabah
A temple as well
On my shelves throb
The Quran and Bible
Zikr and the gyring
Madness confirmed.

Secret of creation
Sacred strings too
A Rabab maketh
Of veins and vitals
Monks and Saints
Eavesdrops my psalm
For I sing inaudibly.

I do too wine serve
Tavern is in my cellar
Goblets I hate much
For my drums are copious
With blood and salt
I do drink and dance
When in ardent love
My audience smashes
All their old statues.

Love is light of heart
Property of the Lord
Who then is an alien?
Love merges all
 Dissolves a lover
Evolves Love, rest is silent.